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Legal proceedings and consultancy within the field of intellectual property rights
law require razor-sharp skills and a continuous focus on the goal.

Before you consider acting based on infringements of your intellectual property rights, or even going to court, we recommend that you contact Chas. Hude Legal and learn more about the competencies we can offer within the field. 

Enforcement of intellectual property rights is our specialty. We offer highly specialised advice within the fields of intellectual property and marketing rights, including licensing agreements and due diligence – especially within fields such as:

  • Legal proceedings, injunctions, proof of evidence
  • Contracts
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Design
  • Copyright
  • Domains
  • Marketing rights
  • EU and competition law
  • Franchising and licensing rights
  • IP due diligence

Our lawyers have extensive experience with infringement cases and are entitled to appear before the Danish courts, including the Supreme Court. We can assure you of a strong team that is fast acquainted with the case and follows it all the way.

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