When you go to court

Talk to us about the legal aspects of effective enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

Protection of intellectual property rights involves monitoring and registration, but also consistent enforcement if, at some point in the process, it becomes necessary to go to court. Here Chas. Hude Legal offers professional and targeted assistance within the field of intellectual property rights.

Partnership with potential

Enforcement of intellectual property rights is our specialty. We have extensive experience with infringement cases and handle legal proceedings in connection with infringement of trademarks, designs and copyright as well as infringement of rights under the Marketing Practices Act. Therefore, you are in a better position with our experts on your team.

A competent IPR base

Chas. Hude Legal cooperates with Chas. Hude – one of the leading Danish IPR consultancy firms. With more than 120 years of experience and 40 employees, Chas. Hude is a recognised authority within the field of patents and trademarks as well as commercialisation of knowledge and technology.

Assistance across borders

In a global knowledge society, partners that extend beyond professional and physical boundaries are important. Chas. Hude has an extensive international network, cooperating with local partners in more than 150 countries. We can draw on that entire network to ensure you the best possible results.

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